Yin Yoga

‘Yin yoga is a practice of deep embodiment, observation and re-patterning.’


Jade practices and teaches movement that is body honoring, mindful and with an emphasis on personal empowerment. She integrates yoga, body awareness meditation and freeform movement into her classes and trainings as a way to access the full potential of a state of health and awareness, rather than as exercise paradigm or set of rigid alignment principles.

Whilst hatha and yin yoga provide the foundations for her yoga offerings Jade brings in many other elements to enrich her student’s experience including traditional Chinese medicine and subtle body energetics, elements from her bodywork practice and anatomy studies and tools for self exploration. She is interested in creating safe and open access experiences for everyone. Jade will often request students to close their eyes and ‘go inside’ during class, preferring natural environments without mirrors to practice in. She tends to choose instrumental music or silence and the accompaniment of breath and heartbeat.

When we are truly listening to ourselves in any activity we are doing yoga.



Jade is inspired by the non-doing of yin yoga – the dance of stillness in motion – and is best known for teaching this. It is a slow practice, taking inspiration from traditional Chinese wisdom and meditative awareness and is the perfect compliment to other more vigorous forms of yoga. Jade has developed a distinctively gentle approach to teaching that weaves in personal enquiry, energetic awareness and anatomical expertise with a poetic grace. She has a special way of inviting people to connect with their deeper selves and holds a space that is safe and nurturing without being overly serious.

Yin yoga is a practice of deep embodiment, observation and re-patterning. The poses are experienced for a longer length of time than much yoga asana, from three minutes upwards. This allows for gentle, lasting change to happen on a deep level both in the physical as well as the emotional and energetic body.  It is an opportunity for a cultivation of presence in our selves, to connect with how we feel and how we interact with our awareness.

The postures are close to the earth – sitting forward folds, supported back-bends, twists, very simple targeted openings of specific groups of tissues that relate to the meridian pathways. Opening rivers of Chi that feed the flow of our essential health. Each pose is carefully sequenced and guided within the comfort limit of the practitioner for anything between three to eight minutes… time is a funny creature and we are working with the magic of reveal and release! Anything could happen here…the moment could stand still or go on forever!

The experience can be incredibly intense at times and wonderfully sublime at others. In essence it is all about how our mind interacts with our felt sense and how the direction of our attention can help to guide the movement of Chi through our bodies.
You can experience a yin yoga class with Jade anywhere in the world thanks to the internet – she has a number of online classes available on www.lilyfit.com

Yoga Classes & Workshops:
 • Introduction to Yin Yoga Workshop – 3 hours
 • Yin Yoga and the 5 Elements Workshop – 3 hours
 • Yin Yoga and Chi Kung – The Dance of Stillness in Motion – class or workshop
 • Yin and Yoga Nidra – Motion, Stillness and Awareness – class or workshop
 • The Art of Energetic Assists – Teachers Workshop – 3 hours
 • Yin Yoga Masterclasses – Twists, Meridian Series, Somatics and Long Holds – 75-120 minutes
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