“Jade is an amazing being. I was so glad she was the person who introduced me to Yin Yoga. She has an incredible knowledge and a very open heart which would always make the class very special and pleasant. I highly recommend having a yoga class with her :)”
– Marion Bouquet

‘Jade is renowned for her beautifully articulate and expressive sharing of whatever it is she is teaching. Her exuberance for the topics that she shares, such as anatomy and TCM is infectious and clearly borne from a depth of study and true inhabitance of the principles that she teaches. I highly recommend learning with her as you will leave with a lightness ignited by her own, bright luminescence.’
– Jake Hardmoore

‘Jade helped me when no other Yoga teacher could. I was in constant pain and trying so hard to make myself better and reduce the symptoms of many back surgeries. One to one sessions with her were so gentle and she was kinder to me than any helthcare professional I have visited.’
– Heidi Mannings

‘Jade’s teaching is phenomenal. She is vibrant, funny and offers the right balance of strength and softness, constantly weaving in new elements in her classes keeping them fresh and dynamic.’ – Yarra Abboud

‘What I loved about the way Jade taught was the tenderness with which she spoke about our organs and the amount I learned from her in just a short class about how they function. I don’t think I’ve ever been so delighted to reflect upon my liver or bladder before! And I will make sure to be more mindful and present with the sensations that she helped us access.’
– Justin

‘Jade teaches right from her heart and has so much joy in all she does. I have been inspired by her guidance to be kinder to myself and to allow for a little more space to see the true me. Thank you for bringing me home.’
– Sara Fellows

‘Jade is a beautiful soul bursting with personal insight. I would highly recommend her as a guide along the yogic path…’
– Jesse Saunders

‘I don’t know how she does it but Jade managed to make anatomy lectures fun! I struggle so much with all the names and understanding the functioning of organs and the attachments of muscles and things but Jade made it all so accessible. She brought what is one of the most difficult subjects in a yoga teacher training to life and helped us in ways that I know our future students will thank us for. I cannot wait to take her teacher training next year.’
– Gail Abbends

‘Dear Jade, I can never thank you enough for introducing me to Yin Yoga and the other forms of yoga I attended in your early morning classes at Anahata Yoga in BF Homes while you were in the Philippines. I was a late starter in this field and you gave me confidence. We miss you we hope to see you again someday. Namaste!’
– Dess M.

‘Jade a living embodiment of everything I feel the practice of yoga is about. She is authentic both in her personal practice and in her teaching which is a quality that is hard to come by. The joy she gets out of teaching is infectious, and eases the fear of things like flying in acro and getting through discomfort in yin. If I lived in the same city as her still she would be my daily dose of everything yogic!’
– Michelle Lipper

‘One of the most important features I seek in a yoga teacher is an open heart. Jade is the epitome of this. She is a caring, attentive teacher who teaches straight from the heart. She’s also very witty and brings a refreshing lightness to yoga practices — a great reminder for me not to always take myself so seriously!’
– Lis

‘Jade’s classes are consistently excellent. With her blend of insight, compassion and good old fun, yoga with Jade is always a refreshing experience.’
– David Esteban

‘I heart jade wood. 🙂 I shy away from big group classes, choosing privates and self-practice over what I deemed to be an impersonal way of teaching such an intimate practice. Studying with Jade has changed that. Her classes are personal, insightful, creative, and full of love and kindness. She is also imaginative, providing metaphors that really imprint on the soul. She caps all these with her healing touch each time she adjusts and during savasana – a fantastic gift after her challenging vinyasa, her playful partner yoga, or her restful yin yoga.’
– Dona Esteban

‘Jade is a fantastic teacher who was one of the people who inspired me to go into yoga teacher training. As a newbie in yoga, she made yoga accessible, challenging at the same time, making it fun. She makes you feel confident as you do the asanas and help you find your path. One thing she said that really struck a cord before she left for Dubai was, “you do yoga because you find joy in it”, and this is what i intend to do! Thanks for sharing. Loved the way you adjusted, taught vinyasa, yin and most especially partner yoga! Really hoping our paths will cross again. Even for the short time you’ve spent here in the Philippines, you have left an imprint on me that I will forever be grateful for.’
– JP Cox