about Jade

Jade is from England and has had the luck to be born into a very global family, a mix of English, Malaysian and Irish with a penchant for adventure! From a young age she has travelled, lived and worked in many countries around the world. She has a background in theatre and circus arts and has been a lifelong student of massage. From childhood she has been interested in spirituality, nature, movement and connection through touch (not to mention many other delights in life such as food, theatre, literature and laughter!). Today she lives about half the year in Asia and the other half traveling, teaching, learning and loving the journey.



yogatrJade began practicing yoga as a teenager and brought it into her life more fully during her studies as a physical theatre practitioner and circus performer in the UK in her early twenties. At this time she also came across acroyoga and loved the combination of acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage. She included regular yoga practice as a method for increasing her flexibility and reducing strains and injuries…however what she discovered about herself was far more enriching. She began to recognize the huge benefits she received through the conscious relaxation at the end of the practice and began to take this time to rehabilitate her body and mind from the stressful demands of her training.


She began to tap into and release tightly wound tension and pain trapped in her body, become more conscious of her thoughts and slowly emerged into a much fuller experience of health and vitality that she ever thought was possible. The amazing sense of lightness and joy changed the way she looked at the world and felt. This transformation prompted her to move away from circus performing and to learn more about yoga and healing and eventually to share what she had experienced.

She took her training with the School of Sacred Arts in 2009 in Bali and went straight into teaching. This was when she was first introduced to yin yoga, she took the transformational practice into her heart and this is the place from which she shares now.

Jade has taught globally in yoga studios, retreat centers and health clinics, specialising in practices to facilitate personal growth and rehabilitation. She also has a love of community open air yoga and enjoys teaching in parks as much as in studios! She has studied with Paul Grilley, Cat Kabira and Max Strom and leads her own yin yoga teacher trainings at many different international locations.  She enjoys many forms of movement and still enjoys traditional yoga explorations, combining it with somatic movement and sometimes elements of partner yoga and acrobatics.

She offers a space that inspires deep enquiry for yogis to get the most out of their precious time.


Jade’s journey with massage and touch runs parallel to her yoga evolution. Her passion for bodywork began as a child with receiving her Grandmother’s massages – though she never claimed to be a healer Gloria deeply inspired Jade and remains her main source of inspiration for working with metta (loving kindness) and healing touch.

Jade studied as a teenager with the European School of Shiatsu and Chris Jarmey and then travelled to Thailand to train privately in Thai massage with an ancient and wonderful woman on Koh Tao. Whilst playing with acroyoga she very much enjoyed the flying therapeutic side of the practice.

In recent years she has furthered her awareness of stillness and movement with Vipassana meditation at the Nortern Insight Centre in Thailand and trained for three years in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy with 935702_10152883104765510_1389562265_nBody Intelligence and also with Franklyn Sills at the Karuna Institute.  She is continually learning and broadening her skills set by regularly taking trainings in bodywork, practicing meditation and taking time to retreat and rejuvenate herself.  She has also worked with women’s mysteries and sacred circles throughout her life with Carolyn Hillyer and is continually weaving in the magic of feminine spirituality into her yoga, therapy and journeying.

There is nothing held in higher regard to Jade than the gift of compassionate, listening touch. She enjoys giving as much as she does receiving and it is clear from receiving a session with her how much of her heart she puts into her work.