Craniosacral Therapy

Jade offers Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy private sessions, thisjade_JOS_9578 is a form of nurturing and non invasive bodywork which involves you fully as the catalyst for gentle healing by reconnecting you back to your essential nature of health.
This therapy encourages a deep sense of relaxation and wellbeing, a resourcing and remembering of who you are through connecting to your felt sense and vital tides of health. This therapy works with the continuous fluctuation of cerebral spinal fluid that bathes the central nervous system and ripples out into the surrounding tissues and structures of the body in a wavelike motion. This essential fluid of life carries within it great intelligence, and all that the body needs to reconnect to its original source of wellbeing. The sensations of resting into this fluid tidal motion can be likened to floating on calm water.

Craniosacral Therapy can be greatly resourcing for people who experience pain, burnout, headaches and stress. There is no manipulation or massaging, just the simple kindness of holding and being fully present, underpinned by a deep appreciation of the body’s anatomy and physiology. A kind of meditation upon the body’s anatomy.

Jade will hold a safe and serene space for you to listen together to your whole self, to rest into its true nature of wellbeing. You will be fully and comfortably clothed and generally laying on a treatment couch. Jade will touch parts of your body; feet, spine, head and any other part that needs attention. With gentle and receptive hands these areas will be held and the stories that may reside there will be given space to express themselves, seek resolution and then reconnect back into a feeling of the body as a whole unit.
It is important to note that during or after sessions, pain or discomfort may emerge – this is perfectly normal and is a natural part of the process of reconnecting with sensations that have been dormant. During or after sessions Jade is on hand to talk you through your experiences and support your process. Everyone experiences BCST in different ways and no two sessions are the same, for some people it may be as simple as a deep relaxation and rest session, for others it may bring up emotions and feelings that have been long embedded and for some it may touch upon altered states of sensation and consciousness.
Jade has trained extensively and has learned how to sense the body’s subtle rhythms through gentle touch, recognising the patterns both of vitality and inertia. Through the development of these skills she listens to the story of your body with deep respect and then follows the natural priorities for your healing as it is ready to reveal itself, directed by your physiology and her gentle intention.

BCST can help to resolve the trapped forces that govern patterns of dis-ease and fragmentation in both body and mind by fully recognizing and integrating the patterns of protection we create in response to stress, after accidents and through postural or mental habits. This allows them to be first recognised, then resolved and finally relinquished from the inside, providing more lasting change.

The sessions are generally one hour, during which a small time will be devoted to sharing medical/appropriate history or requests for the session, hands on is approximately 45mins. You will be fully clothed. You may request the presence of a friend or chaperone. It is worth considering before the session what is most important for you – a clarity about why you are coming – and if there is something specific that is seeking resolution.



Jade has also developed her own signature holistic beauty treatment. This unique one hour session combines uplifting facial, head, neck and ear massage with blissful craniosacral holds. This treatment is absolute indulgence, a perfect bridge to first experience craniosacral therapy whilst also receiving the benefits of a facial. In the treatment Jade incorporates lymphatic drainage techniques through the neck, chest and shoulders to aid in fluid flow, works with acupressure points all around the face, head and jaw to help tone and release tension and works tenderly around and within the ears with reflexology and gentle stretches.

Jade uses a powerful blend of healing oils that she has created herself, including Frankincense for replenishing and rejuvenating skin cells, Rosemary to promote bloodflow and Rose to tone and invoke a feeling of calm.  This facial helps to smooth away stress lines and leaves you with a radiant glow.

Going deeper than the skin, the cranial connection with your central nervous system will leave you feeling deeply relaxed and peaceful. Jade offers these treatments privately and at international five star spa residencies as a visiting practitioner.

Jade does teach at times for Body Intelligence and assists their trainings at many locations worldwide.

She also offers half and full-day introduction workshops in Mindful Touch – Integrating Craniosacral Biodynamics into paradigms of touch for physical therapists, thai massage practitioners and for yoga teachers wishing to learn more about gentle adjustment techniques.



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