‘To trust the intuition of the body to guide the way – that is the key to
embracing of the very essence of who we are, in kindness and with ease.’
Jade Wood

Integrated Yin Yoga
The teacher trainings that Jade Wood offers provide you with a rich immersion into embodiment practice through yin yoga. They are supported by a broad spectrum of teachings balanced out each day between lectures and theory, demonstrations of anatomy and daily practical explorations, with opportunities for you to practice teaching yin and experience partner work. The courses are enriched by Jades extensive study of anatomy and include somatic movement, touch sensitivity, enhancement of energetic awareness and mindfulness practices both modern and traditional.

The hallmark of Jade’s teaching is her passion for sharing her continuously evolving journey with yin yoga and for including and welcoming each participant to the circle equally, honouring their unique gifts. She guides transformational experiences, both in the context of each individual class and in the entire journey of the training, making space for the ordinary to become sacred.
Course Content:
  • yin yoga fundamentals ~ understanding the passive practice of awareness by harnessing time, breath and gravity
  • in depth investigation of the yin yoga asanas ~ individual responses, variations and contraindications
  • the benefits of props and how to use them for yin yoga and beyond
  • how to theme and sequence a yin yoga class
  • the seat of the teacher ~ finding your own voice, ethics and practice, trauma sensitive teaching guidelines
  • anatomy of the skeleton, introduction to organs, connective tissues and the central nervous system
  • demystifying tension vs compression ~ locating barriers to range of motion and learning how to stimulate your tissues through stress and stretch
  • the twelve meridian and fascial pathways ~ observing where eastern and western paradigms of energy and connective tissue meet
  • introduction to mindful touch and biodynamic craniosacral therapy ~ fluid tide, touch perception and the relational field
  • body intelligence meditation techniques
  • integrative breathing practice for creating space
  • yoga nidra and guided sensory exploration for deeper relaxation
  • somatic movement exercises for improved embodiment
  • chi kung ~ harnessing mindful movement for spatial awareness
  • mantra and vibrational resonance practice
The syllabus speaks to those both interested in solid anatomy and in subtle energetic medicine and aims to ignite your interest to take your studies further in either, or both directions.
Jade expertly guides participants into movement investigations and observations of stillness based on the key concepts of yin yoga, bring the teachings directly into student’s bodies. She offers these trainings to balance out the yang of modern life and to complement vinyasa or hot yoga practice with the supportive and slow space that yin provides to feel and heal. If you are yearning for a teacher training that embraces you as an individual, that allows you to take time and be with yourself, that honours your personal, physical and spiritual journey then this is the space for you. Plenty of time will be taken for questions and enquiry and also essential homestudy will be issued each day for your enrichment.
Teacher trainings with Jade are spaces for inquisitive humans to gather, melting pots of experience aimed at broadening your spectrum of sensation and reveal hidden depths. They are times of slowing down and transforming, relaxing the rules and paradigms surrounding yoga. Re-wiring your connections. Expect to be challenged in new ways and to broaden your horizons of understanding, to let go of limiting belief patterns about your physical practice and acknowledge your vast capacity for feeling.
Each participant will receive a certificate marking their completion of the course and will leave with all the tools necessary to become an excellent teacher and practitioner of yin yoga. Jade also provides ongoing support for her students in the form of mentorship and continuing education. This course also counts towards yearly continuing education credits.
Prerequisites to join the course: to have attended a minimum of 10 yin yoga classes. You do not need to already have a yoga teacher training certification.
These courses are perfect for people who have a background in bodywork, movement and meditation or for people who are wishing to find a slower pace of life and are open to new experiences. It is not required that you intend to teach yin yoga after taking this course! It can be solely for yourself.
Sample Daily Schedule:

* As each teacher trainings differ depending on their location, total number of hours and residential or remote settings these sample schedules are a guideline only

8.00 – 10am – yin yoga practice
– break –
10.30 – 12.30pm – lecture and demonstration
– break for lunch –
1.45 – 3.45pm – lecture and practical demonstrations
– break –
4.15 – 5.30pm – practical and teaching methodology, review of the day
On some evenings during the course there will be additional activities, yin yoga or yoga nidra practices or circles to sing and share.

‘Jade teaches right from her heart and has so much joy in all she does. I have been inspired by her guidance to be kinder to myself and to allow for a little more space to see the true me. Thank you for bringing me home.’ – Sara Fellows

‘I don’t know how she does it but Jade managed to make anatomy lectures fun! I struggle so much with all the names and understanding the functioning of organs and the attachments of muscles and things but Jade made it all so accessible. She brought what is one of the most difficult subjects in a yoga teacher training to life and helped us in ways that I know our future students will thank us for. I cannot wait to take her teacher training next year.’
– Gail Abbends