Jade Wood Yoga

‘All the mysteries of life are held within you ~ this wise being that you are.’
My invitation is for us to journey together, to be real with one another, to discover the essential truths at the very heart of our selves. What I offer through all of my work, is a safe space for us to take time, to listen, to be curious, to feel deeply and move freely and to learn alongside one another. For ease and gentleness to be the highest order as we celebrate this gift of this being in this body.

Jade is a globally renowned yoga teacher and craniosacral therapist who offers classes, private sessions, retreats, workshops and teacher trainings worldwide. She delights in sharing her gathered knowledge and experience of bodywork and mindful touch, traditional Chinese medicine, elemental yin yoga, embodied anatomy and somatic movement and would love to connect with you.  Her greatest passion is to learn, share and guide transformational experiences relating to self and health. She adapts new and ancient practices into unique experiences for individuals and groups that enhance our experience of being, of body and of relating to one another here and now.

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